A Post for the Guys - 7 Tips to Impress a Lady at a Music Festival

Ok gentleman, Qamp Counselor Rick here to lay down some truth on you!

Let's say you're heading to the festival this summer.  Maybe, you've been single just a little too long at this point and are starting to wonder, is a music festival "really" a good place to meet a lady.  Or maybe you've got a new lady, is a festival a good place to take her?

Well, let me tell you from first-hand experience, yes and yes. But you need to do it right, and you need to be prepared. You see, I met my friends who introduced me to my wife at High Sierra Music Festival in 2009 (so, by transitive property I met her through the music festival). A year later I took my wife to her first festival, where we first exchanged "I love you"'s.

Having done many festivals single (HSMF, Bonnaroo, Phish Coventry, Mountain Aire, Area One, Lollapalooza, Amy's Farm amongst others) and now having introduced my lady to the joys of music festivals, I've learned some lessons along the way.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Bring extra warm clothing - It gets cold at night at many festivals, be prepared.  As the late-night party goes on, lend her that extra sweatshirt or puffy jacket, you will be her hero!  BTW, make sure what you're lending doesn't smell!
  2. Have a warm blanket - Whether it's the last show of the night as the temperatures drop or watching a sunrise kickball game, a blanket is a perfect excuse to cuttle!
  3. Keep well nourished and hydrated - Sorry, beer alone doesn't count. Seriously, make sure she eats well and drinks plenty of water (you too).  Carry a bottle of water at all times!
  4. In addition to #3, make sure you have beer and yummy snacks at all times too -. You'll want them late at night.  Chocolate and Jolly Ranchers seem to be VERY popular.
  5. Set up a comfy living/sleeping environment - Your 4 season Mountain Hardware tent and Thermarest might impress your buddies, but it isn't going to cut it with a date. Go for a Queen size air mattress, real bedding, and a Qamp Tent!
  6. Know a couple festival secrets - Figure out where the bathroom with no line is, where the secret water spigot is to fill up your water bottle, or where the late night party is going on.  It's an excuse for her to follow you.

And finally, AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE OF THEM ALL. Have extra flair (or at least lady friends and campmates that have extra flair they can lend her).  I can't stress this one enough. There is nothing worse than getting to Sunday night when everyone is at least slightly tired, slightly dehydrated, slightly malnourished and finding out you don't have any flair for the final late night show.  This is a recipe for a crying girlfriend and missing the show!


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