Our Story

We know how it goes...

You arrive at the festival. Looking around at your happy, sunburned, shirtless brethren, you immediately know you’ve done it. You’ve followed through and trekked to the one place on Earth your soul has called you to. You. Have. Arrived.

And then it hits you...

Shit... Now you have to set up camp.

Qamp® was dreamed up by a motley crew of spirited, impassioned festivalgoers who were over the buzzkill that came from the savage land-grab and manual labor of shoving poles through holes. Our elbows, knees, and hips have suffered enough tent-pitching. We wanted freedom.  

We realized that most tents, backpacks, and other camping paraphernalia are designed for people going into the backcountry. Not for us slap-happy festivalgoers just looking to show up, set up, and connect in comfort.

Our goal with Qamp® was simple: Provide a curated variety of products designed to encourage an incredible festival weekend rather than stand in the way of it.

Not only are our products functional (yes, we’ve tested the hell out of them)... They’ve got a bit of flair (because we value that too).

We wanted to maximize livability while minimizing setup. We wanted to celebrate boldness through vivid, bright and striking colors. We wanted to explore brilliant patterns, textures, and sensations.

After all, you don’t go to a festival to be alone by a creek, you go to make a bit of a ruckus (although there is a time for privacy, which we also kept very much in mind).

Qamp® is about capturing and celebrating the spontaneous nature of festivalgoers rather than stifling it.

So leave your old camping gear in the garage. Go back to that place in your mind when you were a kid, and stay all weekend.

Come out and play. Come out and Qamp.